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Our HR consulting services can help your company achieve its goals, whether you are an early-stage startup, a mature, established company, or anywhere in between. Startups often use HR consultants to bridge the gap between ad hoc HR services and fully scaled-up HR teams. Established companies benefit from the fresh perspective and specialized expertise HR consultants can bring, particularly for organizations in a transitional or growth stage.

At Think People.Culture LLC we make it a priority to get to know your business culture and goals so we can act as the face of your organization and provide a consistent message to employees and recruits. 


With full-service offerings and a modern approach to human resources consulting, Think People.Culture offers robust HR consulting services to companies of all sizes.

Not all companies have the expertise or time to handle human resource management themselves. We can help you understand safety and labor compliance regulations. We can put systems in place to develop skills and retain top talent. If you’re finding human resources is taking up more time than you planned on, contact us to streamline the process and lower your costs.

We will happily leverage our expert services as your:

  • On-Demand HR Support Team 

  • Fractional Outsourced HR Department 

  • Interim HR Leadership Team 

We’re here to provide the custom HR solutions that your organization needs in the supportive framework that works best for you.

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At Think People.Culture, we are fully prepared to provide exceptional outsourced HR support to improve the efficiency and functionality of your business. Whether you need on-demand assistance from HR consultants or an outsourced HR department at the ready, Think People.Culture can develop a flexible and highly customized HR solution to fit your business needs. 

Business Team

Your VP-level HR professional looks and feels like part of your team while providing comprehensive HR Support, you have someone focused on both the tactical and strategic needs of your organization, able to evolve and grow right along with your company.

Contact Think People.Culture today to start leveraging our expertise.


The prices below are rough guidelines only. We price each service individually for your unique needs.

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Monthly Pricing

For early stage companies that have grown beyond the core team and are wondering how to manage culture and alignment while scaling.


For small- to mid-sized teams with some established management structures, needing strategic HR support for stability during growth.


For medium-sized teams in growth mode and experiencing a shift from an entrepreneurial environment into maturity. Executives may be noticing siloes developing, cultural drift and loss of visibility – and want solid, proactive HR processes and strategy now.

Hourly Pricing

$150 (two hour minimum)
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Project Pricing

We work on fixed-fee projects. Some are fairly standard, some are custom.
Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Standard Projects

HR Setup


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Custom Projects

Flat fee projects for other HR services are available – larger projects like HRIS, deep dive audits, systems overhauls, etc. will take some effort to price. We care about our ongoing relationship with you, which means finding out everything we need to know about your situation first, then we can price the first stage of working together accurately.
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